Makita lb1200f band saw manual : Comparatif – Outil électro portatif multifonction

  • MAKITA Scie à ruban 165 mm 900 W - LB1200F
  • ESAMACT 100KHZ-1.7GHZ 1766MHZ VHF UHF Tous Band USB RTL. Convertisseur SDR UP
    R820T2 Tuner 100KHz-1.7GHz Full Band SDR Receiver RTL.SDR + Up Converter Software Receiver, Aerospace Band, Broadband Note: 1.Due to the difference between different monitors,there are color differences,pls understand. 2.Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement. 3.This product can only receive FM radio and the nearby radio signal, can not receive shortwave. If you want to receive shortwave, you can buy matching antenna.   Features: Built-in up-converter 100KHz-1.7GHz wideband SDR receiver. Built-in 100Mhz up converter, you can use the R820T2 built-in high-level, so that the use of short-wave than the use of Q-channel lead SDR have a higher sensitivity. The use of DBM balanced ring mixer makes the shortwave noise lower, there is a greater dynamic range. Can eliminate the direct sampling of the unique aliasing sampling phenomenon. Can be connected to the computer, Andrews and other devices using SDR software to receive 100KHz-1.7GHz electromagnetic waves to support AM, FM (NFM, WFM), CW, DSB, LSB, USB demodulation. Can listen to shortwave single sideband communication, FM radio, walkie-talkie calls, aviation bands and so on. [R820T2 tuner has a slightly better sensitivity than the R820T, lower noise floor, higher signal to noise ratio. Can work more stably around the frequency of 1.5 GHz. To [Through software can crack analog yin, digital tone. To [You can set the automatic search scan. To [Can break the digital radio through the software ID and demodulate the voice signal] RTL.SDR + Up Converter technical features. 1. Provide the machine can be used to connect 2. Use the RTL2832U + R820T2 chipset           R820t2 tuner has a slightly better sensitivity than r820t, lower noise floor, higher signal to noise ratio. Can work more stably around the frequency of 1.5 GHz.  3.100KHz-1766MHz, operating frequency range 4. Cover all shortwave amateur bands 5. VHF and UHF bands are covered from 24-1766MHz 6. Sampling rate up to 3.2MHz. (2.8MHz stable) 7. The received modes include NFM, FM, DSB, USB, LSB, and CW  Note: Depends on the SDR software used. 8.8bit ADC sampling provides up to 50 dB dynamic range. 9. 50 ohm input impedance. 10. Double SMA gold plated antenna connector. 11. Diode-limited RF input protection. 12. Aluminum shielded housing. 13.LED lamp band switching indication. 14.100MHz local oscillator. 15.DBM Balanced Ring Mixer 16. Small size 17. Free software 18. Independent antenna input HF and UV 19.USB computer connection (powered by USB) 20. Very high dynamic range, higher sensitivity. 21. RF switching chip switching band. 22. All specifications are subject to change without notice Receive the air band. AM mode, using the auto scan function to scan the entire air band Http:// général marque ESAMACT quantité 1 set Matériel alliage d'aluminium + FR4 spécification manuel anglais / spec non liste de colisage 1 X Test D'antenne Télescopique 1 x unité principale 1 x câble USB Package...